A rare picture of Waffle watching Dickey get catfished.

WaffleFrisbee (A.K.A Waffle or Panda) is a Manly Creatures Discord Moderator known primarily for his deep voice and ability to shitpost at amazing speeds. He is known to enjoy long walks on the beach staying at home and lurking on the Manly Creatures discord, wasting his time on YouTube, and playing guitar. He refers to his position as a moderator as a joke, calling back to a time in which moderator status was given to him to make a previously moderator status revoked, Dickey. Moderator was never taken back from him, and Waffle and Dickey are on good terms.

WaffleFrisbee creating his first notable meme in the Manly Creatures Discord.

WaffleFrisbee is actually a 12 year old girl with a voice changer a Native American born in Texas. He attributes his deep voice to once stepping on a rake and hitting himself in the head with it. He is rumored to have been the one who converted popular Manly Creatures Discord admin, Binx (A.K.A Binques) to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Proficient at Photoshop and ready to meme, he was a top tier shitposter. He is the creator of many memes, and is generally regarded in a positive tone. Waffle holds a subtle respect for fellow Discord member, Baron. His Puush gallery is said to be a thing of legend, and holds all knowledge of the Manly Creatures discord in it.

Waffle was present during the raid and eventual acquisition of the user Pom's discord, after it was left open in the popular screen sharing site, Rabbit. This server now serves as a backup and is completely dead. Footage of said event is rumored to have been deleted, however. Many memes were made out of screenshots taken from Pom's DM's, in where she sexts a much older Canadian known as Rocketensky. Waffle collaborated with another well known Manly Creatures discord member and moderator, Dickey, in a roleplay of previously mentioned direct messages.

Since then, Waffle has hung up his cape when it comes to high tier shitposting, preferring to rather make witty banter and talk with whoever is in voice chat at the time. He plays video games with a rotating cast of the Discord members, not caring much for what he plays, but rather enjoying the time he spends with others. Waffle tries to stay involved in the Discord as much as possible, but an irregular sleep schedule tends to keep him away. Nowadays, reminisces on days past and plays games with Meth, Baron, KooKoo, Dickey, and reluctantly Troll.


A Snapchat photo of WaffleFrisbee


Age: 16

Sex: Male

Height: 6ft 1"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Guitar, Meat, Voice Chat, Flannel, 20lbs of ass

Dislikes: Ice Barrage, Lord Gvarados (Banned), Troll, FPS Games, Dark Souls 3 OST, Screamo music

Notes: Is able to hit a C2 with only slight discomfort.