Brawluh is a brawler. That's all.


No but really, he's an okay guy most of the time. One time he got so high he died. Then he died back to life. Then he vowed to live forever, or die trying. Then he masturbated to trap porn.

watch out lil bish

Brawluh is a gimmick stealer. That's all.

No, but really. He's not irish. One time he toked a quarter of a spicy cigarette and nearly had a panic attack because people were bullying him in a vidgeoname.

Then he vowed to steal gimmicks forever, and be unfunny whilst trying. Then he got syphillis from a guy on grindr.

Pictured: Brawluh taking another persons gimmick, which involves physically accosting bears and attempting to patent it as his own gimmick.